Creating Harmony Within

Come and experience a new level of relaxation,
Let your mind empty and find stillness,
Allow your body to let go, heal and restore,
Find your inner place of calm.

How can yoga benefit you?

Do you want to have better sleep and less stress?

Would you like to feel more present and calmer?

Practicing yoga will support you to have a balanced outlook on life and work, and in turn this canl help to give you an appreciation for the little things life.

Improved sleep is another benefit of yoga along with physical benefits such as increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone.

Imagine feeling more calm, relaxed and mindful.

Yoga With Julie
Yoga classes from our Home-based Studio
 bringing you small nurturing classes with a personal approach

If you suffer from lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and other chronic pain, you may find the relaxation techniques can lessen these effects.

Research also suggests the slow, mindful yoga can help with balance, joint stiffness, anxiety, depression, weight management and heart health.

Is Yoga for you? Here’s a few comments from my class attendees:

Julie has such a beautiful aura about her and makes you feel totally at peace the minute you walk into the room. She never rushes moves or poses and always demonstrates alternatives. I love her soothing voice in relaxation, could so easily drift off! ”


“ I have found my flexibility and core strength has improved greatly. I also have found an inner peace and great breath control that supports me through those stressful times. Highly recommend Julie's tutoring.”


“ Julie and yoga have changed my life. I used to have all sorts of niggles and stiffness typical of an office job. Attending yoga regularly has made it disappear, giving me increased flexibility and strength. Julie teaches you how to listen to your own body, encourages you to explore, and above all, have fun doing it. I look forward to Yoga with Julie every week.


“ I had my lower spine fused 6yrs ago, the surgery left me with some serious nerve damage and incredible pain. After only a couple of months of Yoga with Julie my pain has reduced dramatically and I have regained movement and flexibility I thought were lost. Julie's classes are relaxed and inviting, with ability levels for absolutely everyone! ”



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