Your Yoga Teacher

Hi, I’m Julie Cooper, a passionate and caring yoga teacher.

Yoga came into my life when I was faced with some challenging times with a family illness. Feeling unable to escape the mental and physical stresses was when I found, and fell in love with yoga, it gave me the freedom and distraction I had been searching for.

I began to feel the need to slow the yoga movements down, and take it from a physical exercise, to yoga and feel the multitude of benefits from this ancient practice. I found yoga to be such a humbling gift, and my goal is to pass this gift on to others with Yoga With Julie.

What can Yoga do for you?

Through yoga I will help you to increase your awareness and understanding of your own body, it’s alignment, and how your body moves. This promotes pain-free movement and increases the longevity of your functional movements.

Yoga isn't about forcing your body to fit the shape of a pose,
it's allowing your anatomy to express that shape in its own unique way.

Imagine feeling calm, relaxed and restored

Allowing your body to physically let go, allows your mind to become quiet and still, but more importantly, it allows your nervous system to re-balance and switch off from the stress responses of everyday life.

Working mindfully helps to encourage comfort, confidence and helps to keep your movements safe.

Yoga has an amazing ability to reset your day with a different perspective or focus, often what seemed a priority before class can be reassessed and viewed differently afterwards.

The more regularly you practice yoga, the more the new perspective becomes your new thought process. 

I enjoy helping people find new levels of physical and mental relaxation and bringing balance and harmony back into their body and life.

You may be familiar with my classes from attending my in-person yoga community classes that were held in Rolleston, Lincoln, Tai Tapu and West Melton.
Also my private yoga classes at Burnham Military Camp and Springston Community Hall.

Yoga with Julie has evolved and is now offering Yoga classes from our own home-based Yoga studio in small nurturing class sizes, one-to-one private classes, corporate Yoga classes & Burnham Military Camp

People often comment how quickly the class has gone and I am frequently told:

‘I feel so relaxed & calm’

‘I feel more centered’

‘I love the meditation part’

‘I feel amazing, so serene’

‘It’s bliss, ‘it’s wonderful’.

“A self-nurturing practice is not an indulgence.
It is a necessity.
We can support others only if we support ourselves”.



  • Certified in the yoga-based Body Balance.
  • A.I.M (Advanced Instructor Module) Levels 1 & 2.
  • Yoga Teaching Diploma 200 hours with the International
        Yoga Teachers Association of New Zealand.

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